Gus Wortham Park Golf Course was originally built in 1908 as the Houston Country Club. In 1957 it became the Houston Executive Club and was purchased in 1972 by the City of Houston and renamed Gus Wortham Park Golf Course. It is the oldest 18-hole golf course in Texas, receiving continuous play for over 100 years. Gus Wortham Park Golf Course winds through a beautiful, wooded green space along Brays Bayou. Its location is an excellent setting for social and community activities as well as serving Downtown Conventions.

Because of its many attributes and historical value, community interest in renovating the course increased and a master plan was developed for the park. The master plan was funded thanks to successful golf tournaments held by Congressman Gene Green, Commissioner Sylvia Garcia and Council Member James Rodriguez.

The estimated $9.2 million renovation would provide significant economic stimulus for the historic and culturally rich East End.

Proposed improvements include:

  • The restoration of the Golf Course to USGA standards
  • New entrance to the Golf Course
  • Renovation & addition of parking
  • New club house
  • New driving range and training facility
  • New maintenance facility
  • New restroom facility

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