RENI_02 RENI is a longtime community leader and resident of the East End.

RENI has been golfing at Gus Wortham since she was a little girl and has been actively participating in its preservation since 2007 when she became the face and voice of Gus Wortham and was the catalyst behind keeping the Houston Dynamos from claiming the golf course as their soccer practice field. Since that time, RENI has worked tirelessly to promote golfing in the East End, and more importantly, to promote the preservation and upkeep of the beloved 107-year old golf course.

We are happy to report after a nearly two-year long battle RENI and Wortham Park Friends were backed, unanimously, by City Council when they recently voted to renovate Gus Wortham Park Golf Course rather than turn it over to the Houston Botanic Garden. While it may seen that this web site has thus served its purpose, we have only just begun.

In 2013 the Friends of Gus Wortham was organized as a 501(c)3 non-profit and incorporated in the State of Texas. A Federal Tax ID number was acquired to accept charitable donations for the restoration of 107-year old historic Gus Wortham Park Golf Course in Houston, Texas. In the same year FOGW transitioned its name to Wortham Park Friends, Inc.

Friends of Gus Wortham was formed by RENI in 2007 and it was at that time that FOGW successfuly fought the City of Houston’s development proposal to turn the golf course into the Dynamo soccer team’s home. FOGW sought conservancy for GWPGC, but was turned down by the Houston Parks & Recreation Department. Despite this, the development proposal was defeated with the involvement of the entire East End community, its community leaders, and attorney Richard Racehorse Haynes. FOGW has had an online presence since 2007, and continues today at

In 2006, U.S. Postmaster General, CEO John E. Potter commended RENI for her bravery in a selfless act and wrote, “To all of us at the United States Postal Service you are our hero.” Congressman Gene Green also wrote, “I want to commend you for you bravery and courage — your actions were heroic and thank you for selflessness and dedication to the community.” Congressman Green wrote a letter to the President of the United States stating, “RENI’s actions were heroic and certainly deserve recognition.”

In March 2002 RENI was awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Houston for her contributions that were instrumental in the installation of new playground equipment at Spurlock Park in Idylwood.

RENI has been an environmentalist since 1975 and has been reporting environmental hazards to TCEQ and COH Environmental Division since she was a youngster.

RENI is also an accomplished writer, artist and sculptor, and a devoted cat mom. She is also Wortham Park Friends’ social media director, handling the organization’s Facebook Page, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.


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